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Sarraf link This would be your best bet. You're essentially paying for gold weight, so more open links will be more bang-for-your-buck. You can. I've been working out and losing weight. Is this. 2. upvotes · comments. Top Posts. Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of September 29, My 3 gold chains look like white silver now. Again, these chains Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of March · Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of. The quality is always great at Rio Grande, but every time I order 14k gold chain it comes plated in 24k Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of June. votes, 13 comments. Ive been looking at a 14k gold chain necklace ( Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of January · Reddit · reReddit: Top.

Solid gold should be fine, but I still probably wouldn't wear anything super expensive or intricate in the shower. I have my basic box chain. Does this sound like a good deal? Seems like the chain is too light compared to other online listed weights for the mm width, but the chain is. Solid 14k Gold + Gold Filled. Woman Owned Small Business. Shop INTRODUCING the custom heart necklace gold filled, waterproof, and totally custom. I would recommend purchasing a chain from Jacojie or Hawaii Rope Chains. The markup there is % over the gold value versus a retail jeweler. Agree, jewelry is retail and if you sale it is at melt value. Buy gold coins as an investment. That being said, many cultures use jewelry as a. Do you think I should have concern for durability, on a 22” (ish) Cuban gold chain, at around mm in width? Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of. This is not a slight at any Reddit sellers at all, but for example on Reddit I've tried to buy high purity chains and bracelets. The prices. The chain is a diamond cut Cuban link (not with fake diamonds) for max blingage. Was a great price and comes in different widths and lengths.

I'm not on reddit much but appreciate the time you put into it. I still haven't bought a gold chain but will check out that spot. Thanks. Welcome to Liry's Jewelry! Discover our incredible collection of genuine gold jewelry, including in-house handmade Miami Cuban link chains and bracelets. I have a 22k gold necklace with a thicker chain and it Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of September · Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of What would this be worth? r/Gold - What would this be worth? If you ended up buying that chain, gold price is high enough today for you to make all of your money back on it. 14kt spot is hovering around. 31 votes, 22 comments. They listed the item as a legitimate solid gold chain, and specifically stated that it had passed an acid, magnet. Im black and wear a nice Gold chain and I fall under everything you stated for when a Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of January 28, I'm looking for recommendations for where to buy a gold chain for my boyfriend's 30th birthday that's coming up. Reddit · reReddit: Top posts. For 14k gold, high $30s to mid $40s per gram is average based on my research. Do not buy if you do not know the.

Shop ALL NEW ; Sequin Chain Necklace - Flaire & Co. Gold Sequin Chain Necklace - Flaire & Co. Sequin Chain Necklace. $ ; Beaded Chain Bracelet - Flaire & Co. Gus Villa Jewelry. Open navigation menu. Chains. 10 Karat · 14 Karat · Silver · Gold Over Silver · Figaro Chains. Bracelets. gold or makes the chain move towards the magnet. If the seller knows Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of August · Reddit · reReddit: Top. Total novice here, but in the market for men's gold chain necklace, preferably 18kt solid gold, rope, maybe mm to 2mm thick.

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